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Yo-Yo Pentagram is metal as fuck

Here’s a little illustration idea I’ve been playing with lately. Maybe for an enamel pin or something, I dunno. It’s based on an actual trick that I learned from Spingear Akiba‘s Instagram page. ????????????????????? ????????????????? ????????????????1???SG?????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ????????????18:30?19:30???????? ??????????????????????????????????? 2017/1/6 @????? 01 #spingearakiba #sgyotricks #trickcircle #turningpointyoyo A video posted by SpingearAkiba (@spingear_akiba) on Jan 5, […]

My weird way of getting around copyright takedown notices

I got sick of constantly having my yo-yo videos taken off of Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook because of DMCA takedowns, so I decided to just start making the sounds myself. You can hear what I’m talking about in my 3 most recent yo-yo videos.

Yo-Yo Gifs from the good old days of GeoCities sites

Remember GeoCities? I don’t. I mean, I’ve heard of GeoCities, but I didn’t really get online until 2000, and even then I was primarily just visiting the same 3 yo-yo bulletin boards. The only thing I knew about GeoCities was that it was that place with all the terrible gifs. The Internet Archive recently launched GifCities, an […]

“Throw” a great documentary about a yo-yoer named Coffin.

Throw is a short documentary that follows my friend Coffin Nachtmahr, a bad ass yo-yoer from East Baltimore that happens to have a speech impediment. Coffin never really felt like he fit in anywhere until he found a yo-yo. I think many of us have had issues fitting in, so this touching story is probably something […]

The Executive Kickstarter is ending soon- win a free prototype!

It’s only been a couple of weeks since Ernest and I launched our Executive Yo-Yo project on Kickstarter and the response has been tremendous! We are currently 500% above our goal and are trending to become the most popular yo-yo project on Kickstarter yet. The campaign ends in just a few days, so if you […]