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The Executive Kickstarter is ending soon- win a free prototype!

It’s only been a couple of weeks since Ernest and I launched our Executive Yo-Yo project on Kickstarter and the response has been tremendous! We are currently 500% above our goal and are trending to become the most popular yo-yo project on Kickstarter yet. The campaign ends in just a few days, so if you […]

Flipcircle, a new twist on the Gyroscopic Flop

New trick I'm working on. I call it Flipcircle. #trickcircle — Doctor Popular (@DocPop) February 7, 2016 Back in 2007 I started working on a new yo-yo trick called the Gyroscopic Flop. It’s a neat trick where you use gyroscopic procession to flip a yo-yo 180 degrees on it’s X axis. There have been […]

Mini-Pixel Dream Boy

eBoy, the art collective that specializes in insanely detailed pixel posters, shared with me a little preview from their upcoming San Francisco Pixorama poster. It’s a little tiny pixelized me! I guess this means I’ll be in the seen somewhere, I wonder where though?

Cirque Du Soleil’s Kurios

Last week, Christine and I went to go see Cirque Du Soliel’s Kurios. We’d been meaning to see it for a while, but we finally decided to buy our tickets when we found out our friend, Black, was a featured performer in the show. I think Kurios is my favorite Cirque show yet. Not that […]

New episode of Doc’s Guide, a Blurb in Wired, and the greatest photo ever taken anywhere ever

I got a nice little “blurb” about self publishing versus vanity printing in Wired this week. Kind of perfect timing considering I’ve been cranking out comics to share digitally on Emanata and quietly working on a new zine of my own black and white photography. Our newest episode of Doc’s Guide to Mobile Photography features […]