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Zumi Week: “Everyday Theatre”

This week I’m posting a series of posts about the Digital Harinezumi. See them all here. I love how this video for David Phillips’ “Everyday Theatre” fits so well with the song. Using a Digital Harinezumi gives it a surprisingly 8mm look.

Dream Driving, a travel themed music video with light painting

Paul Nosa sent me a link to his fresh new music video for Silverbus’s “Dream Driving“. It’s a cool video, with lots of great visuals created with light painting techniques, so I thought I’d share it here. Silverbus is Paul’s band, named after his solar powered tour bus/recording studio/home, which you can read more about […]

Beefy’s tribute to all the sidekicks out there

Beefy just posted a video for his song “Sidekick“, which is a ode to Mario’s taller brother…. and all the other video game sidekicks out there. The song is off of Beef’s album With Sprinkles.

Spider: An art show. A music video. A combination art show and music video!

It started off as a simple idea: I want to make a music video that uses the art in a gallery to tell a story. It sounded easy enough, so I reserved the gallery at Mission Comics and Art and booked a flight for my friend Dave to fly down from Des Moines with his […] is a hell of a find

I’m so stoked to see Beefy’s song, Join My Guild, doing so well. This World Of Warcraft themed music video has 15,000 views and counting. The song is just one of many dope tracks on With Sprinkles. Speaking of the Beefhole, I just got Beefy’s verse for our upcoming KnifeTank album. This song is a […]