American Analog: Some Scenes From Market Street

Market St

I’ve been so busy working on my 3D City photo series this year that I haven’t had time to share any new 35mm shots. A few weeks ago I finally released the 3rd issue of my American Analog photo zine and have since gone out and shot a few rolls of film on my LC-A. Here’s a recent batch of expired Tri-X film (I need some fresh stuff) from a day spent walking along Market St in SF.

Market St
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AntiTagging, because faces don’t exist for making book.

AntiTagging, an app that auto detects faces, then glitches them out.

I always like finding new little gems to add to my Complete List of iOS Glitch Apps™, but this weird little app seemed worthy of getting it’s own little blog post. It’s called AntiTagging and it anonymizes photos by auto-detecting faces and glitching them out. As the developer says:

This app makes your face to not being able tagging.
Our faces don’t exist for making book.

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My Wallets, Zines, and Comics online

New comics, zines, and crafts for Zine Fest!

A few weeks back I wrote about the stress I was having dealing with a lost package for my Kickstarter backers, and how I was giving myself permission to take a break and make some other stuff for a while… we’ll that week was awesome. I ended up printing 3 new comics, 1 new photozine, and shit-ton of sexy looking wallets. One of the best weeks of the year. I sold a bunch at SF Zinefest and have posted everything else up on Etsy.

Take a look at my Etsy page and see if there’s anything you like. Remember that I do combined shipping, so consider adding a zine or thing to your wallet order.

Playing in SF this Tuesday

El Rio flier, Sept 9th

In SF? Do me a favor and come check out our show at El Rio this Tuesday night. It’s one hell of a line up: Together We Are Robots, Star St. Germain, and us… an evening of low tech electropop for just $5. Doors are at 8, we’ll be hitting the stage around 10:30pm. We’ll also have new shirts and lots of merch!

Worrying less and making more

My goal for this week was to make as much as I could in time for the SF Zine Fest. By the end of the week I managed to get 4 books put together, which was awesome. I also managed to put together a simple new music video for my song “Overblown“.

I can often be caught lecturing my creative friends about the dangers of perfecting things. I’m a big fan of just getting things out there and had been planning all year on rolling out a series of really simple music videos for tracks off of Destroy All Presets…. but if I’m being totally honest, I really had reservations about posting this video for Overblown. The idea was that I’d spend most of the day biking around and capturing shots using the Hyperlapse app for iPhone. Afterwards, I glitched some of the footage with the Databender app and then edited the video on my iPhone. Afterwards, I had a new video that I wasn’t super happy with. I kept imagining the “just get it done” lecture I’d be giving myself, so I just shut up and posted it that night.

I’m happy to have a new video, even one that’s not that awesome, but I have to admit that I’m really bummed to see a video like get so many more eyeballs than a video I’m really proud of. Way many. Within a few days it’s seen 4,000 views, while my Rumspringa video has yet to break 2,000 in over a month. I’m not saying I’ve learned anything here, I’m just venting about how unpredictable these things are. As I type this, I realize how silly I’m being… I should just be happy to have any new folks listening to my music… but I really love that Rumspringa video. I guess you could say this new video is a bit overblown.

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