DoseOne and my SK-1

I’ve had a roll of good musical guests on my Pop Music show lately. A couple weeks ago I had Crashfaster come in preview a couple tracks from his newest album. Then last week we had Doseone (musician, poet, and co-founder of Anticon records) in the studio to talk about his recent video game soundtrack work, teaching freestyle rap workshops in Oakland schools, and whether or not it’s acceptable to shout “Skate Or Die” at strangers.

At one point in the show, I pulled out my circuit bent Casio SK-1 and made some weird sounds while Dose free-styled. I’ve been a fan of Dose’s work for nearly 16 years, so hanging out and talking music was certainly a highlight of my year. Hear the freestyle up top, or listen to the recent full episodes below.

Pop Cast – 06/17/2014 (with DOSEONE!) by Doc Pop on Mixcloud

Pop Cast – 06/05/2014 (with CRASHFASTER!) by Doc Pop on Mixcloud

American Analog: Couple’s Roll #3


Christine and I have really enjoyed shooting our “couple’s rolls”. These are just rolls of film that I shoot on then re-load into the camera for Christine to shoot on top of, resulting in double exposures with surprising results. Here’s our newest roll, shot on my Ricoh R1 and some Tri-X film over the course of a weekend.
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Destroy All T-Shirts


Like Game Boy Advances, chiptune music, and t-shirts? Then you’ll love these! It’s a new shirt I designed originally for Kickstarter backers who backed my Destroy All Presets album. We’ll be printing their shirts this week on royal blue American Apparel shirts, but I’ve decided to offer everyone else a chance to grab a shirt if they missed it the first time around. These shirts will be printed on black American Apparel tees and are selling for $30 to US buyers or $36 for international.

The design is a tribute to the awesome art that eBoy created for my D.A.P. and created by me using the Hexels art tool. They’ll be printing next week and are first come first served, so order it this week if you want one! Use the Paypal button below to order yours:

Destroy All T-Shirts (black)

The Beat Juggle

Pop Music: 05/01/2014 (updated) by Doc Pop on Mixcloud

I’ve been doing new episodes of my Pop Music radio show each Thursday for the past couple months, except for when we were in Bermuda and my buddy Justin covered for me. A few weeks back I did a special segment featuring djs that used turntablism techniques in unusual ways. It’s a pretty good little segment (starting about 48 minutes in) and features a bunch of great tracks by Fog, Kid Koala, Mr Dibbs and more.

While researching the segment, I came across a bunch of videos that I wanted to share:

DJ Troubl’s Prefuse 73 routine – Troubl puts his spin on the beat from Prefuse’s “Desks Pencils Bottles” (one of my favorites!)
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Nanoloop tutorial: Learn how to make a song in 30 minutes

I’ve been teaching Nanoloop workshops for years and finally, thanks to the encouragement of my Kickstarter backers, have posted this workshop in video form. It teaches you everything you need to know about using Nanoloop for iOS (and Android too). Creating samples, writing patterns, sharing your work, and more in just under 30 minutes.
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