Pre-order The Order Of The Snail, my new comic about secret societies so

I had a great time working on this comic book as part of this year’s 24 Hour Comic Book Day challenge at Mission Comics in SF. This year’s 24HCBD happened just a few days after The Latitude shut it’s doors. The Latitude was a real life secret society/augmented reality game by the folks behind The Jejune Institute. It was really incredible and Christine and I were sad to see it go.

So I didn’t have anything planned when I started my comic, but that closure was on my mind.

The Order Of The Snail is the end result and I’m so proud of how it turned out. The book follows a kid named Mason Waters who has created his very own secret society. A society of one. One day Mason invites Tim, an estranged older friend, to join The Order. Things change quickly and soon Mason feels like an outsider in his own club.

If you like the art I make, I’d really appreciate it if you check the project out and consider pre-ordering a copy. Mike Hales is doing a killer job coloring the book and I’m so happy with how this whole thing is coming together. At the Membership level, I’m even making some really awesome challenge coins with my friend Meredith.

The Order Of The Snail

Mystery Circuit’s “Drumsette”, a drum machine created from a Tascam 4 Track

I just found this crazy project from Mike Waters, who creates musical devices under the name “Mystery Circuits“. The Drumsette is an experimental drum machine built from an analog 4 track recorder. Basically, he assigned a repeating drum sound to each of the 4 available tracks, and created a gate to allow the user to play those sounds in a 16 step sequence. Crazy!
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Houndstoof and more glitched out fabric projects with Betabrand

Last week I announced the release of the awesome Glitch Socks project I’ve been working and sales are going awesome (get yours now and save). Now I’ve just launched my newest project in Betabrand’s Think Tank, it’s a glitched out fabric print and I’d love to hear your ideas for what we should do with it.


Of the all the Glitch Socks, something really seemed to resonate with my Houndstoof pattern. I like it too, but I’m not sure what to do with it. I think it’d look great as a short sleeve shirt, or a stylish dress, but we are open to other ideas. There’s no reason for us to think small, if the people are interested in doing something special with it.

If you like where these glitch patterns project have been going, please help support it and share your ideas here.


Glitch Socks are a real thing and here’s where you can buy them!

Knit just got real! I’ve just launched a new project with Betabrand that underwear with the art of things falling apart. Glitch Socks are four pairs of socks I designed inspired by classic computer crashes and fabric patterns. Yes these are real and you can buy them for a special price right now on Betabrand.

Go on internet, make me p?????r???o???????u???d?????? and go buy all your nerdy Christmas presents early. Go now, I’ll still be here when you are done…
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SquirrelWarz, our real time strategy iPhone game!

After a long wait and months of work, SquirrelWarz is now available for iPhone! This stylish real time strategy iPhone game was iPad only, but this big update makes the app universal (as well as adds smoother UI, more songs and art, and lots of new maps).

This is one of the biggest games I’ve worked on so far, but our studio consisted of only 4 people. I was the lead game designer/musician and helped create some art with Mike, our lead artist. The game is our tribute to the RTS genre and has our fingerprints all over it. I hope you dig it.