Faultline Liquor: special edition booze with matching vinyl

Faultine Gin and Absinthe

There’s something awesome at K&L Wines. It’s a special series of liquors and gins called “Faultline”. Each bottle comes with a special edition 7″ record and art by Jaime Hernandez, of Love And Rockets fame.

Faultine Gin and Absinthe
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Grand Moff Tarkin Slippers

Did you know that Grand Moff Tarkin wore slippers on the Death Star? Imagine cute little Grand Moff Tarkin slippers! Here’s a great video of Peter Kushing talking about it. I love the thought of Tarkin’s slippers so much, I made the above gif using Hexels Pro.
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Gif Art and beyond: From “low-tech art” to “slightly less low-tech art”

2015 was a good year for me. I had more commissions and art jobs than any previous year and things are looking pretty good for 2016 too. Looking back at my visual art, 2015 looks like the year I transitioned from low tech (watercolors, pens, inks) into a much more digital style. Particularly, 2015 was when I dived into original gif art. This is mostly due to my love of an art program called Hexels Pro, which allows you create art with pixels, hexels, or triangular shaped brushes called trixels.

When I first got into trixel art, I shared this post with some of my early favorites (including the fireplace gif that kind of sent me down this route), but I thought it would be cool to round up some of my favorite pieces this year. If you want to see more, you can always check out my Giphy artist page.
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A new website for God Hates Dinosaurs

God Hates Dinosaurs was a fun art project I ran earlier this year. The book was a satirical spin on the quasi-religious “Tracts” folks hand out on street corners. Thanks to my Kickstarter backers, I was able to give away 1,000 copies of my comic to strangers. The project was so fun that I decided to open source it so that anyone could print, modify, color, translate, or do whatever they want to with it.

Up until yesterday, this open sourced comic only lived on a GitHub page, but thanks to some time off for the holidays, I was finally able to put together a proper website for it. The website is still under construction, but I’m still pretty proud of it. The hope is that the new website will help introduce new people to the comic and maybe find some folks to take it up a level.

Screenshot 2015-12-28 00.22.45

Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, and Grey: Deconstructing Mondrian’s Colors

Deconstructing Mondrian by docpop

Deconstructing Mondrian by docpop

The work of several well known artists entered the public domain this year, including Edvard Munch, Glenn Miller, Ian Flemming, and Piet Mondrian. I’ve been thinking a lot about colors lately, having written last week about Apple’s new color palette, so I thought it would be fun to dive into Mondrian’s colors this week.

The palette:

I think Mondrian’s work is often thought of as having cartoonishly vibrant colors, but when you look at his paintings now you’ll notice the blues and yellows are a little dull, while the white has a little yellow/grey in it. Whether this was due to 70 years of aging, limitations of paints in his time, or intentional choices made by the artist himself, I can’t be sure. I tried for my palette to represent how his paintings appear now and you can download it an .ACO file here.

Color by COLOURlovers

The gif:

To dive in a little deeper, I then took this palette and started building Mondrian inspired pieces as “trixel art” using Hexels Pro.


Then I finally made “Deconstructing Mondrian”, the piece that appears at the top of this post, using Photoshop’s animation and layering tools.