Some previews from my upcoming Analog:Glitch show in SF

ANALOG:GLITCH "Punish the Wicked"

This coming Saturday is the opening for my my Analog:Glitch art show in San Francisco. The goal of the show is to mix old school film with digitally tweaked iPhone images to create something weird and new. I’ve got a bunch of pieces I’m still working on for the show, including some really unique back lit Polaroid photos, but for now I wanted to share some previews of my other pieces.
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Kid Schurke and the art of the Monotribe

Though the Korg Monotribe looks like a powerful piece of (tiny) gear, I never really imagined them as being good for much more than making noise… but then I saw Kid Schurke‘s unique mix of tiny synths and controllerism. I seriously love these jams, but will have to just keep watching the videos and hope he releases an Monotribe album someday. Speaking of hope, fingers crossed that if I’m ever in Zurich (or Kid Schulke is in SF) we get to play a show together.
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American Analog: Plus-X

Picked up a couple rolls of Kodak’s Plus-X film off-a the eBay. I’m not used to shooting 100 speed film, but these shots turned out nicely. I’ll try to get my hands on some more.
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Tonight! My album release party!

Tonight is the album release party for Destroy All Presets! I can’t wait to play these new songs with my brand new band. Also playing the fabulous Together We Are Robots and Cartoon Violence, who are also releasing a brand new album. The show is all ages at DNA Lounge. We’ll be hitting the stage around 9:30pm.

Can’t make it? Catch the live feed!

How To Un-Shrink Clothes

I heard about this technique a few months ago and mentally filed it it under “life hacks that probably don’t work”, but after I accidentally shrank my favorite sweater I decided to give it a try. Amazingly it works. Results may vary (polyester and wool un-shrink the most), but it does work.

Simply pour a tablespoon of hair conditioner into a bucket of lukewarm water and let your garments soak for half an hour. Dump the bucket, rinse the smelly water out, and then ring out your shirt and let it air dry. Bamf!