Staying productive, focused on finishing my next comic book

Page 20 of my Far Away comic

Been struggling to stay productive while dealing with stress and depression. I’ve had a tough time these past few weeks digging into my art and getting things done. The best way for me to get out of a slump seems to be to just push through and forcing myself to work on art even when I don’t feel like it. Today I inked two pages from my upcoming book, and I’m going to try to stick to a schedule of working on it for one hour every weekday (9am-10am).

For me, and many others, depression feels mostly like a chemical thing… not something you can just shake off. But making art tends to keep me at my happiest, and can often help me deal with the slumps I’m in.


Houndstoof glitch fabric! Now available as one of a kind shirts and dresses.

Glitch Fabric Shirt

I’ve just launched a new collaboration with the awesome folks over at Betabrand. It’s a houndstooth pattern that I glitched out using various databending techniques (JPG, PNG, and other sneaky tricks). The end result is large swatches of what I call Houndstoof Glitch fabric.

Thanks to Betabrand, these are now available as one of a kind shirts and dresses. Due to the glitch nature of the pattern, each item should a one of a kind piece. I highly recommend picking up one at the early bird pricing while it lasts. You can find them here.

And of course it’s also a great time to also pick up a set of my Betabrand Glitch Socks!




My commissioned Beck GIFs


Last year, the folks at Giphy asked me and a few other artists to create GIFs to help promote the release of Beck’s newest single, “Dreams“. As far as life goals go, I can’t think of anything better than being commissioned to make some art for Beck! You can see Giphy’s official post (with the other beautiful Beck GIFs) here.

This whole thing happend around the time of NASA’s New Horizons flyby of Pluto, so I decided to work that into my piece. I used Hexels Pro to create the trixel art for my piece, then glitched it out using ImageGlitch (see my tutorial here). I think I spent about 8 hours total on this piece and it turned out awesome. Here’s a speed up process video of the last ten minutes of the GIF’s creation:

I was so inspired, I ended up making two gifs… I think I like this second one even more than the first!


Jörmundar’s Thrift Store in Reykjavik

This is Jörmundar, a pagan high priest and owner my favorite thrift store in Reykjavik.

During our brief stay in Reykjavik, we stumbled into Jörmundar’s thrift store on Laugavegur Street. It’s a small basement shop absolutely filled with shoes, jackets, and suits and it was one of our favorite places in Reykjavik.

Jörmundar is a real interesting figure too. He’s filled with strong opinions about men’s fashions and also happens to be a high pagan priest. We believe he may be named after Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent who devours the world. edit: see below for another possible root of his name Here’s a cute video we found of him and his shop:
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Friday Playlist: Icelandic bands

Christine and I are chilling in Reykjavik right now and have heard some great music on this trip. So I thought I’d put together a little playlist of Icelandic bands you should check out.

After leading us on a hike through some glaciers, our guide put in Ásgeir Trausti’s newest album and played it non-stop during our 5 hour drive back to Reykjavik. We didn’t mind. Simply put, Ásgeir sounds a lot like Bon Iver, but with some minimal electronics added (drum loops, synths, etc). His new album, “In The Silence”, is available in english, but I much prefer the Icelandic version. There’s also a great free acoustic E.P. on Bandcamp (sadly you have to go to iTunes for all the rest of his albums).

bonus video, Asgeir cover’s “Heart Shaped Box”

We are so excited to get to see Hekla perform at Mengi tonight! She uses a theremin and a looping pedal to build atmospheric soundscapes. Mellow and experimental. Currently she only has one album out, called “Hekla“, but a new one is on it’s way.

Skálmöld is a great folk metal band from Reykjavik. They’ve released several concept albums, primarily about vikings. All of their albums sound good so far. I don’t have a favorite.