Cirque Du Soleil’s Kurios


Last week, Christine and I went to go see Cirque Du Soliel’s Kurios. We’d been meaning to see it for a while, but we finally decided to buy our tickets when we found out our friend, Black, was a featured performer in the show.

I think Kurios is my favorite Cirque show yet. Not that I’ve seen them all, but how can you beat a steampunk Cirque show? It was like a theatrical version of Bioshock. Afterwards, Black gave us a tour of the backstage area, a smaller tent just behind the main tent. The show had just ended and a dozen of the performers had piled up in front of a large screen tv to watch their peformance from that night. Black says that many of the performers, in particular the acrobats, study the show each night to see what they could have done better. Total professionals.
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24 hours left to support God Hates Dinosaurs


My crazy Kickstarter project, God Hates Dinosaurs, wraps up in 24 hours. We are fully funded, but I’m trying to reach two additional stretch goals: 666 backers & $6000 raised.

It’s an ambitious goal, but I made the entire comic book in 24hrs, so reaching 300 more backers (at just a buck each) shouldn’t be that hard… and $1400 in a day is totally doable.

I’ve received some amazing press today in Live 105‘s blog and Comics & Gaming Magazine. the CGM is great and really in-depth, but this quote from Live 105 made my day:

Among all the noise of high rises in construction and tech chatter in a changing San Francisco, art always makes its presence known. Many have lamented the city’s loss of culture (and the weirdness that keeps it unique), but still, artists and performers find a way to adapt.

Doc Pop is one of those people. The multi-faceted artist is a creative as well as an observer, and was so inspired by the fundamentalists frequenting the Powell cable car junction, he decided to present his own doctrine: God Hates Dinosaurs.

For anyone wondering what it’s like to stand around with a crazy a sign in the heart of the city, we made this little documentary:

God Hates Dinosaurs

This is a short project, only set to run for 10 days and it reached full funding in the first 12 hours. A few days ago I grabbed my big “God Hates Dinosaurs” sign and went downtown to hand out 20 copies. I wrote about what happened here.

Trixel Elements


Our GIF the Halls project wrapped last Wednesday, and I’ve been continuously making gifs ever since. I’m really digging this tool called Hexels, which is sort of like a pixel editor that lets you define the shape of your pixels. So instead of using four corners, I could use three (aka a “trixel”). I’ve used this tool a while back to make the cover to my Dazzler record, but recently they’ve been released a public beta build of their new animation tool… hence my non-stop making of trixel gifs.

This post is a round up of some of my recent Trixel art, including the fireplace and interstitial pieces I made for GIF the Halls, as well as some of my earlier non-animated Trixel art.


its pronounced gif


Destroy All Presets

Dazzler album art


GIF the Halls


For the past few months, I’ve been working with the team at WP-Engine Labs on a huge public art project called GIF the Halls. The project asked 7 artists, including myself, to create short animated greeting card designs. Users can then go to to pick a design and add a message, then we will project their card in downtown San Francisco and send them a video/GIF of their card in action. It’s awesome, we basically are sending them a gif of a gif.


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