GIF Happy Hour, MVR Premiere Party, and more

Just wanted to share some upcoming events I’m participating in:

Gif Happy Hour (Friday July 18th, from 6-9, @ 620 Folsom)-
Codame is doing a monthly “Geekdom” series, and each one kicks off with GIF Happy Hour. I’m this month’s featured GIF artist, so come by and see my 3D City photo series on a big screen… with buttons and things to tweak/flip/flop the gifs in real time.

cardboardians eating doc
Music Video Race Premiere Party (Sunday July 20th, 6:30-9 at The Independent)-
I posted behind the scenes shots from our “Rumspringa” music video shot earlier this week. This Sunday is the premiere party and I’m so excited to see all the videos the other teams made. It’s going to be a blast… great videos, creative peoples, and some live music. For those that can’t make it, I’ll share the link to the video once they post it online.

A new remix and flexi-vinyl release (Monday, July 21st at noon on
My friend E.N. Cowell created an amazing remix for one of my favorite songs on Destroy All Presets. I liked it so much that I’m releasing it as a real live vinyl… we’ll sort of vinyl… I’ll be debuting the song on Pre-Show Jitters and sharing all the details then. Listen live from noon-2 for good music and more. Speaking of BFF, I have a show called Pop Music that you can listen to live each Thursday noon-2, or you can listen to the full archives here.

Know and Tell workshop series (Wednesday nights in August at The Secret Alley)-
There have been so many awesome folks who have helped share their knowledge with me in person and online over the years and it’s always been important for me to do the same, so I’m doing a series of creative workshops throughout August called Know And Tell. Each workshop/discussion will be on a different topic, like how to make stereoscopic gifs or how to compose songs on a Game Boy, and will be about an hour long. I want to keep these intimate, so space will be limited to 20 seats per workshop. I’ll post more details here next week, or you can sign up for my mailing list at the bottom of this post.

SquirrelWarz (August for iPad)-
These last few months some of my old Tribal Brands co-workers re-acquired the rights to a game that we had been working on years ago and we’ve been working ever since to get it out. Yesterday, we submitted it to Apple for review! Expect to see it in the Appstore early August. I’m really proud of how it turned out. I was the lead game designer and sound engineer for the game, so it’s filled with my little jokes, toy orchestra, and even my voice! My friend Mike is the lead artist and I got to help him out with watercolored backgrounds and all that stuff. Do my a favor and follow @SquirrelWarz on Twitter, wouldya? Thanks!

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Creating a music video in 48 hours


It was around 8:20 on Friday night when one of the Music Video Race organizers reached into a little red dixie cup and pulled out an orange ping pong ball with my name on it. A few seconds later, another organizer reached into a blue dixie cup and picked out Dave‘s name. The next 48 hours were a crazy blur of costuming, shooting, and editing… and soon I’ll be able to show you guys the result! You can come see it at the Music Video Race Premiere Party next Sunday, or wait to see it online in August. Here’s a quick recap:
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American Analog: Couple’s Roll #4

Couples Roll

Without wasting any time, Christine and I shot another “Couple’s Roll” last week on an expired roll of 800 ISO film. For those unfamiliar, the idea is simply that one of us shots a whole roll of film, then passes it to the other to shoot on top of. These random double exposures are the result.

Couples Roll
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DoseOne and my SK-1

I’ve had a roll of good musical guests on my Pop Music show lately. A couple weeks ago I had Crashfaster come in preview a couple tracks from his newest album. Then last week we had Doseone (musician, poet, and co-founder of Anticon records) in the studio to talk about his recent video game soundtrack work, teaching freestyle rap workshops in Oakland schools, and whether or not it’s acceptable to shout “Skate Or Die” at strangers.

At one point in the show, I pulled out my circuit bent Casio SK-1 and made some weird sounds while Dose free-styled. I’ve been a fan of Dose’s work for nearly 16 years, so hanging out and talking music was certainly a highlight of my year. Hear the freestyle up top, or listen to the recent full episodes below.

Pop Cast – 06/17/2014 (with DOSEONE!) by Doc Pop on Mixcloud

Pop Cast – 06/05/2014 (with CRASHFASTER!) by Doc Pop on Mixcloud

American Analog: Couple’s Roll #3


Christine and I have really enjoyed shooting our “couple’s rolls”. These are just rolls of film that I shoot on then re-load into the camera for Christine to shoot on top of, resulting in double exposures with surprising results. Here’s our newest roll, shot on my Ricoh R1 and some Tri-X film over the course of a weekend.
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