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The death of my favorite social network

Four months ago, I was mistakenly banned from using many of my Google services. I fought tooth and nail for many weeks to get my Google Profile restored, not so I could use Google+ (because seriously, fuck Google+), but simply so I could regain access to my favorite social networking site; Google Reader. I had […]

“Hey Google! Stop Being A Jerk” by Jonathan Mann

966 days into his Song-A-Day project and Jonathan Mann is still writing catchy little gems! “Hey Google! Stop Being A Jerk” is Mann’s take on Google’s mass suspensions of accounts based on how real the users name sounds. This “real sounding” name policy, or #nymwars, has been a steady source of controversy for the past […]

Is G+ actively blocking suspended users from viewing public sites?

This whole Google+ saga keeps getting weirder and weirder. 3 weeks ago, somebody at Google made a mistake and suspended my account because they thought the name I was using was different than the name I go by on a day to day basis. Despite helping them out and showing proof of my identity, my […]

Google’s Antisocial Behavior

Dear Google, It’s our two week ban-niversary and I bet you are wondering what to get me. Cake would be nice. Or some socks. Perhaps you could drop a short email to let me know you miss me. It’s been 14 days since you suspended my access to Google Reader, Data Liberation, Google Profile, and […]

Banned By Google Meetup tonight in SF

It’s nearly been two weeks since I was originally banned on Google+ (and other Google services). I am still banned (though my account was approved then SUSPENDED again the next day) and the last email I received from Google Support informs me that I have lost my appeal (to the same case that I was […]