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Suprise Chiptune Show Tonight in Oakland!

And by “surprise” I of course mean “totally not a secret, but I’m just now getting around to posting about it anywhere publicly… The show features Crashfaster, myself, and an acoustic set by Lizzie from the Glowing Starholes. 11.10.11 Vitus 201 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607 All Ages (til 10pm) doors at 7:00pm

Tonight: New music from my Game Boys…

I’m playing an entire set of all new music on my Game Boy Advances and iPhone tonight at Sub-Mission gallery in SF with The Dualies. It’s an early show and I’ll be opening… so I’ll probably be on at 5-5:30ish. all ages geek dance party w/ New Year Sun Bear and Doc Pop! Sunday, October […]

Upcoming shows in SF

Hey all, I’ll be DJing this Thursday night’s Pulsewave SF show at the DNA Lounge. Should be a great show… Covox, Wizwars, Bud Melvin, and Zen Albatross all fantastic performers. Don’t believe me? Check out the free sampler! PulsewaveSF September 2011 Sampler by pulsewaveSF Then I’ll be playing a bunch of my new chip and […]

New DJ Mix, Live from Pulsewave SF

live dj mix at 7/7/11 Pulsewave SF by Doctor Popular Here’s an hour long mix of fantastically nerdy music for your earholes, recorded live off the DNA’s soundboard for July’s Pulsewave SF show. This mix features some skweee, hip hop, chip music, and elctro pop. Personally, I think it’s good work out music too. Download […]

Bit Shifter’s full Blip Fest 2011 set

Bit Shifter‘s entire Blip Festival set is online now, with visuals by Visualicious. I’ve been listening to it all day at work. Thanks to Emily Feder for posting this and other great chip music acts from the festival!