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Doctor Popular and Crashfaster in Oakland this Friday

Bay Area friends, I’m playing a show in Oakland this Friday night with Crashfaster and Violence Mars! I’m super excited about it because of how well December’s show with MC Lar’s went. I’ll be performing my pop music with a couple of gameboys and an iphone, and I’m looking for requests for my next cover […]

Had a blast at Pulsewave NYC

I had a great time performing at last weekend’s super secret Pulsewave show in NYC. I had a great time meeting people, watching Falling For a Square, and covering Double Take’s “Hot Problems“… I don’t know if there’s a recording of the latter, but I did get this cool gif from Lucius Kwok as well […]

Rocking the Rockage Festival in San Jose this weekend

I don’t always play live music any more, but when I do… I’ll be performing my original chiptune pop music on stage at this weekend’s Rockage Festival in San Jose. I’ll be performing a mix of my iPhone songs from Beeps and Smudges as well as some totally new Nanoloop for Game Boy Advance tracks. […]

Stuff from the Rumpus

I always love doing my thing onstage at The Make-Out Room. I performed a yo-yo set at The Rumpus’s monthly event earlier this week and had a blast. I got to catch up with Unwoman, hear some cool stories, and yo-yo to a song from my Game Boy. Good times. I even kind of flirted […]

Suprise Chiptune Show Tonight in Oakland!

And by “surprise” I of course mean “totally not a secret, but I’m just now getting around to posting about it anywhere publicly… The show features Crashfaster, myself, and an acoustic set by Lizzie from the Glowing Starholes. 11.10.11 Vitus 201 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607 All Ages (til 10pm) doors at 7:00pm