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Tonight! My album release party!

Tonight is the album release party for Destroy All Presets! I can’t wait to play these new songs with my brand new band. Also playing the fabulous Together We Are Robots and Cartoon Violence, who are also releasing a brand new album. The show is all ages at DNA Lounge. We’ll be hitting the stage […]

Free Nanoloop Workshop in SF & Album Release Show!

Some recent news from my ongoing Kickstarter project: Nanoloop Workshop in SF. I’ll be teaching a free workshop to teach the basics of creating music with the Nanoloop app for iOS or Android on Saturday, Feb 1st at 20Mission. We’ll cover the basics of pattern creation, FM synthesis, song editing, and sharing your .NAN files. […]

Looking for singers, visualists, and musicians to perform with

Wanna sing nerdy pop songs with me? For the past few years I’ve been playing shows using just an iPhone, a Gameboy and my voice, but I’m looking for an extra musician or two to help flesh out my live show while keeping it “laptop free”. Mainly I’m looking for someone to help round out […]

Upcoming events: SF Zine Fest, EMM talk on Nanoloop, BPOW!, Instawalks and more

I’m heading up to Portland this very weekend for the Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop. I’ve actually wanted to do a laptop-less electronic music festival in SF for some time now, so I’m really excited to check out something similar. If anyone reading this happens to be there, please say “hi”. Despite being an introvert, I […]

Some Digital Harinezumi shots from 8bitSF

Last week was the big 8bitSF show in at the DNA Lounge in conjunction with the Game Developers Conference. Lots of talented bands (Bright Primate, Disasterpeace, Crashfaster, etc) on stage and chip music fans in attendance. As a personal challenge, I thought it’d be cool to capture some shots on my Harinezumi, which certainly isn’t […]