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Sweet Ride music update (and pause screen)

We are still banging away on our Sweet Ride game and I’ve finally started cranking out some song ideas for it, but first I wanted to show you the awesome cassette tape effect we added to the game’s pause screen: Like I said, I’ve been kicking out some jams for Sweet Ride and I’m really […]

Things to do in SF tonight: retro-computer films, theremins, art shows, and more

I’ve been emailing all my friends about all of the cool shit happening in the Mission tonight, so I figured I’d should round it up in a blog post too. There’s usually plenty of fun stuff happening, but tonight seems to be extra packed with nerdy goodness. Project: Pimento at the Rite Spot One of […]

What Apple Could Learn From Nintendo’s Headphone Mistake

Nintendo removed the headphone jack on the GBA SP 13 years ago and I still haven’t forgiven them for it. Compared to the Game Boy Advance (or GBA), the SP had rechargeable batteries, a bigger and brighter screen, and felt great in your hands. It should have been the greatest handheld gaming unit of it’s […]

An industrial jam made with a circuit bent Casio SK-1

After a long break, I’ve started making some new songs to go in our upcoming iOS game, Sweet Ride (coming later this year). When creating new tracks, I often like to grab a circuit bent toy and improvise for ten minutes, then chop them all up into samples and re-arrange them as a song. Usually […]

Playing around with PixSort, a pixel drifting glitch plugin for After Effects

I recently came across an After Effects plugin named PixSort which creates a very cool and glitchy pixel drifting effect for videos and images. It was PC only at the time I found it, but I sent a quick tweet out to the plugin’s creator and he messaged me a day later saying he ported […]