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Stuff I learned from ANALOG:GLITCH

I had so much fun at the opening reception for my ANALOG:GLITCH show at Photobooth last week. I saw a lot of friends, sold a few pieces (!), drank, and enjoyed the awesome spread that The Galley provided. The show (and Photobooth itself) are closing this Sunday, so you still have a few more days […]

A fan of dentists

Five years ago, after a trip to a local dentist, I drew this creepy piece depicting the view from a dentist’s chair. A few years later, in the lobby of another local dentist, I spotted this painting:

American Analog: Doggie Dinner Heads

My friends John and Nifer are running an awesome Kickstarter campaign to restore the infamous Doggie Dinner Heads. Bay Area natives will probably recognize these puppies from the long defunct fast food chains spread around the Bay, but newer faces like myself are more likely to think of them as “those crazy statues that are […]

American Analog: A Man’s Best Friend

I’ve been a little slow on posting some of my film stuff lately (because Kickstarter), but I’m glad to finally share some pieces I’ve been sitting on for a month. These were all shot on Tri-X film using my Nishika 3D camera. I spotted this pair a few different times in the Mission before I […]

Bourbon Barrel Boards

Hepcat is making some awesome skateboards out of old bourbon barrels. Though they are super skinny, they aren’t really all that hard to ride. Due to the weight of the board and big wheels, they actually feel more like a long-board, but much more maneuverable. I dig them a lot and may actually sign up […]