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Destroy All Presets: download it now!

Destroy All Presets by Doctor Popular My new album, Destroy All Presets, is now available. Pay what you want and get it today! If you like what you hear and want to make your own chiptunes, there is still time to back my Kickstarter and get your own special edition Nanoloop cart. Destroy All Presets: […]

American Analog: Doggie Dinner Heads

My friends John and Nifer are running an awesome Kickstarter campaign to restore the infamous Doggie Dinner Heads. Bay Area natives will probably recognize these puppies from the long defunct fast food chains spread around the Bay, but newer faces like myself are more likely to think of them as “those crazy statues that are […]

Free Nanoloop Workshop in SF & Album Release Show!

Some recent news from my ongoing Kickstarter project: Nanoloop Workshop in SF. I’ll be teaching a free workshop to teach the basics of creating music with the Nanoloop app for iOS or Android on Saturday, Feb 1st at 20Mission. We’ll cover the basics of pattern creation, FM synthesis, song editing, and sharing your .NAN files. […]

eBoy’s cover for Destroy All Presets

The new art for Doctor Popular’s “Destroy All Presets” created by eBoy!

Help fund Destroy All Presets

My newest project is live. Rather than bloviating, I’ll just send you to the link.