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Recycled denim chalk bag

Close your eyes and think of the most thoughtful gift you could imagine your co-workers giving you on your last day at work. Following my last day at Sincerely, we headed off to a bar for farewell drinks at Rickhouse. I was handed a box full of great going away gifts: rolls of 800 ISO […]

So long and thanks for all the Postagrams

It’s been decided that today will be my last day working as the community manager for Sincerely (makers of Postagram and other thoughtful apps). In the year and a half that I’ve been here, I’ve had some awesome opportunities, and I wanted to recap some of my personal favorite projects in this post.

Aloha and stuff

Greetings from Lahaina, a small town in West Maui. I’m here with the Sincerely/Postagram crew for a week-long workation. A small part of our team is working the Hyundai booth at the PGA tournament, while the rest of the team is working on new projects from within our comfy rental home. Fingers crossed well see […]

New episode of Doc’s Guide, a Blurb in Wired, and the greatest photo ever taken anywhere ever

I got a nice little “blurb” about self publishing versus vanity printing in Wired this week. Kind of perfect timing considering I’ve been cranking out comics to share digitally on Emanata and quietly working on a new zine of my own black and white photography. Our newest episode of Doc’s Guide to Mobile Photography features […]

Postcards from Belize

One of the perks of working at a postcard and greeting company is being able to request new cards directly from the designers. Since I’m heading to Belize today, I put in a polite request for a new card design for Sincerely Ink‘s travel section… and I got one (see above)! If you’d like to […]