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The Complete List of iOS Glitch Video Apps

When I first created the complete list of iOS Glitch Photo Apps a few years back, the app store was much less crowded. I loved working with photos, but I was constantly on the hunt for good glitch video apps for my iPhone. I’m stoked to finally say there are enough great glitch video apps […]

Apple’s Color Palette (from Disk Utility to billboards)

A few days ago I was looking through my computer’s Disk Utilities when I noticed an interesting set of colors that seemed much brighter and vibrant than what Apple typically uses. I really dug them, so I quickly compiled Apple’s color palette into a .ACO file (which you can view and download here). Color by […]

Live blogging from the first ever WordCamp US

I just got back from Philly where I spent the past few days at WordCamp US, the biggest WordPress conference of it’s kind. I was in attendance with Torque Magazine and WP Engine, who I’ve been working with for the past year, and I had a blast interviewing people and writing silly tweets from Philadelphia. […]

beme? BeMe? Beme? A lesson on why to avoid lowercasing your app name.

A few months back, Casey Neistat launched a new video app called Beme. I love Casey’s work and headed right over to the app store to download. When I got there I noticed a haphazard usage of capitalization all throughout the app description. Lowercase b? Uppercase? Camelcase? Let’s just try them all! What’s even weirder […]

Lifeline: Rescue an astronaut with your smartphone

“Has Taylor texted yet? Is he ok?” The premise of 3 Minute Games‘s “Lifeline” is that an astronaut has crash-landed on some unknown planet and needs your help. Most of his gear has been totaled, but he’s managed to put enough together to send simple text messages in hopes that some stranger can help him […]