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Faultline Liquor: special edition booze with matching vinyl

There’s something awesome at K&L Wines. It’s a special series of liquors and gins called “Faultline”. Each bottle comes with a special edition 7″ record and art by Jaime Hernandez, of Love And Rockets fame.

Apple’s Color Palette (from Disk Utility to billboards)

A few days ago I was looking through my computer’s Disk Utilities when I noticed an interesting set of colors that seemed much brighter and vibrant than what Apple typically uses. I really dug them, so I quickly compiled Apple’s color palette into a .ACO file (which you can view and download here). Color by […]

Mystery Circuit’s “Drumsette”, a drum machine created from a Tascam 4 Track

I just found this crazy project from Mike Waters, who creates musical devices under the name “Mystery Circuits“. The Drumsette is an experimental drum machine built from an analog 4 track recorder. Basically, he assigned a repeating drum sound to each of the 4 available tracks, and created a gate to allow the user to […]

Superman Lives, Lost in La Mancha and other documentaries about failed movies

As an artist, I had learn the hard way to keep my coffee cup far away from the cup I used to clean my watercolor brushes. As a yo-yoer, I earned quite a few little bruises before I finally landed Spirit Bomb. Making mistakes can be the most painful part of the artistic process, but […]

Closed Captioned Poetry

I happened upon some accidental “closed captioned poetry” hidden in a local CBS affiliate’s broadcast, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites here.