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Rockumentaries on Netflix

Even though Netflix streaming can be a little lackluster at times, it has it’s moments. The second season of Adventure Time is online now, and House Of Cards was pretty swell. Their documentary section actually has a few gems in it and I wanted to share some of my favorites: The Punk Singer – A […]

Musicless Music Videos Are My New Jam

Youtuber Mario Wienerroither makes music videos more epic by imagining what they would be like without all that cumbersome music. The results are frakkin hilarious. Also the idea that you can avoid legal action by writing “no copyright infringement intended” is pretty funny too.

Way ahead of it’s time: The Remote Lounge NYC

Tonight at Bawdy Stories, I’m telling the funny story of my first one night stand. While preparing the story, I remembered I’ve always wanted to write a post about The Remote Lounge, where part of my story takes place. So it seemed like a good time to search around the net for some photos of […]

Dream Driving, a travel themed music video with light painting

Paul Nosa sent me a link to his fresh new music video for Silverbus’s “Dream Driving“. It’s a cool video, with lots of great visuals created with light painting techniques, so I thought I’d share it here. Silverbus is Paul’s band, named after his solar powered tour bus/recording studio/home, which you can read more about […]

A Scrapbook for the ear: “Voices of San Francisco”

Here is a found 7″ record of atmospheric sounds and narration from San Francisco, probably from the late 50′s. It was written and produced by Richard Emerson and narrated by Dave McElhatton, a local radio personality known for his own show on KCBS. Jem and Jetsam still has about 5 new-old-stock copies on hand.