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New Think Tank items up on Betabrand… go vote for the Denim Blazer and Hooded Shirt!

I have two new items up on Betabrand’s Think Tank this week. If they get enough votes, Betabrand will manufacture them. The Best Denim Blazer I’ve been on the hunt for a stylish denim blazer for years. I’ve found many denim blazers on eBay and in shops, but they all seem to miss the mark […]

Self Edge X Al’s Attire denim hat

For many years I was Self Edge‘s original denim tailor. Though I did try to keep my purchases there limited, the experience did get me hooked on anything made with good denim. When Self Edge partnered up with Al’s Attire on a small run of denim hats, I eventually decided to pick one up for […]

Recycled denim chalk bag

Close your eyes and think of the most thoughtful gift you could imagine your co-workers giving you on your last day at work. Following my last day at Sincerely, we headed off to a bar for farewell drinks at Rickhouse. I was handed a box full of great going away gifts: rolls of 800 ISO […]

Denim plant sacks hanging in the SoMa

Spotted these awesome denim bags hanging up on Mary St, near the old San Francisco Mint building. Though I haven’t been able to get a confirmation, I’d recommend that work from anywhere… I’m betting this gorilla garden has something to do with Julian and the Holy Stitch crew. Currently, Julian is teaching sewing skills to […]

Yard Sale! Come buy my stuff!

You know that feeling you have right after moving? The “I don’t need all this stuff, I should get rid of it” feeling? I’ve finally decided to sell off my entire cd collection, a bunch of guitars, maybe some keyboards, comics and other stuff. If you wanna buy it, I’ll be at the corner of […]