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My Wallets, Zines, and Comics online

A few weeks back I wrote about the stress I was having dealing with a lost package for my Kickstarter backers, and how I was giving myself permission to take a break and make some other stuff for a while… we’ll that week was awesome. I ended up printing 3 new comics, 1 new photozine, […]

Missed the zine release party? You can still see the show at Lomo SF.

update: I’ve added photos of the available prints (at bottom). If interested, please ping me to arrange payment and pickup. Months of work (and nailbiting) culminated in this weekend’s zine release party at Lomography SF. I’m so happy that the show was such a success. Thanks to Lomography, Photoworks SF, Speakeasy Beer, and everyone who […]

Peter S. Conrad’s lottery comic

My chats with Peter S. Conrad are becoming the highlights of my yearly visit to the SF ZineFest. Each year Peter has a new comic book that plays around with the comic book format. Last year I blogged about his wonderfully detailed cassette-tape comic, and this year I had a chance to talk with him […]

SF Zine Fest 2010 pt 4: KnifeTank fan art

While sitting at my table at the SF Zine Fest a few people stopped and asked if I had any KnifeTank merchandise. I was totally caught off guard every time. I didn’t have any signs up about KnifeTank, nor did I tweet about having anything with me. Nevertheless, I did happen to have a few […]

SF Zine Fest 2010 pt 3: Jeff Plotkin

Jeff Plotkin is one of our senior members of the Cartoonist Conspiracy. Jeff’s comics have a style all their own as does Jeff himself. I always enjoy listening to the way the way Jeff talks, so intentional and musical, at times it sounds like Beat poetry.