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My Wallets, Zines, and Comics online

A few weeks back I wrote about the stress I was having dealing with a lost package for my Kickstarter backers, and how I was giving myself permission to take a break and make some other stuff for a while… we’ll that week was awesome. I ended up printing 3 new comics, 1 new photozine, […]

Stuff I learned from ANALOG:GLITCH

I had so much fun at the opening reception for my ANALOG:GLITCH show at Photobooth last week. I saw a lot of friends, sold a few pieces (!), drank, and enjoyed the awesome spread that The Galley provided. The show (and Photobooth itself) are closing this Sunday, so you still have a few more days […]

How To Un-Shrink Clothes

I heard about this technique a few months ago and mentally filed it it under “life hacks that probably don’t work”, but after I accidentally shrank my favorite sweater I decided to give it a try. Amazingly it works. Results may vary (polyester and wool un-shrink the most), but it does work. Simply pour a […]

American Analog #2 is now available!

I launched my first Kickstarter project about a year ago and it’s given me an excuse to really focus on my black and white street work since then. Today I’m proud to announce that the second issue of my American Analog zine is available online! To create this issue I set a goal of traveling […]

Bourbon Barrel Boards

Hepcat is making some awesome skateboards out of old bourbon barrels. Though they are super skinny, they aren’t really all that hard to ride. Due to the weight of the board and big wheels, they actually feel more like a long-board, but much more maneuverable. I dig them a lot and may actually sign up […]