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American Analog: Red Rock Honeymoon

Shortly after our Vegas wedding, Christine and I took a trip to Red Rock Canyon to climb “Olive Oil”. We hired Cory, a local guide, to pick a spot and bring the gear we were missing which turned out to be a good move. Cory kept us moving easily up the route, which was 600 […]

The 2nd annual Climber’s Prom in SF

Last year some friends and I put together our own “prom night” at our local climbing gym. Climbing in our fancy outfits was totally fun, so I’m so excited to do it again. This year we are teaming up with Mission Cliffs to make the 2nd Annual Climber’s Prom even more of a night to […]

American Analog: Pinnacles

I posted a few iPhone shots and a love letter dedicated to Pinnacles National Park a month back, but here are some of the film shots from that amazing trip too.


We were the first car on the lot at Pinnacles National Park. We had camped nearby and managed to get all packed and on the road as early as we actually said we would. Plus it was Superbowl Sunday, so the park was going to be a little lighter than usual. The weather was perfect […]

Spotting route-setters in their natural habitat

Doc Pop on Lightt Nothing helps avoid stress or depression quite like climbing does, so it’s no surprise that I hit Mission Cliffs nice and early the morning after I was laid off. I got there right around the same time as the route setters did, which was awesome, because I’ve never really watched them […]