Gifstamatic: Making Hipstamatic shots more awesome with Giffer

A while back, I made a video about some of the hidden new features that Hipstamatic added to their brilliant little app. My favorite new features utilize the volume buttons on the side of the phone for advanced controls. Pressing the volume down button brings you in & out of the full screen mode, while pressing the volume up button will snap a shot… AND long holding the volume up button will put you into rapid shutter mode where you can quickly capture Hipstamatic shots as fast as the camera will let you.

This rapid burst mode is perfect for creating animated gifs that ooze with sexy style. When capturing your shots, long hold on the screen to set your focus point, then keep your hand steady while you long hold the volume up button. Give it a minute to process your shots, then open up Giffer and select your photos. Try messing around with the yo-yo feature (back and forth rather than A/B looping). If your like me and want to get high res gifs, go ahead and upgrade to the “Pro” feature or just start off with Giffer Pro to start.

  • Christine Clarke


  • JD Harman

    Where do we find the 265 update? In itunes only 260 is available.

  • DocPop

    The version I’m talking about came out 3 months ago and the features have existed since then, so if you get the current version the volume button features should still be in there.

  • DocPop

    Oh, actually I just noticed the video is talking about 256 (see the youtube description), so that may be where the confusion is coming from. Either way, if you get the current version it has all the features listed in this post.

  • Jeremy Brooks

    Pretty neat!

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