Beeps And Smudges, an album made with iPhone apps

Beeps and Smudges cover art

My new album Beeps and Smudges is available now!

The music for Beeps and Smudges was made exclusively with iPhone and iPad apps! The end result is a melody driven minimal electronic music that I believe is some of my best work yet. Instead of describing it any more, please just check it out for yourself…. if you like it, you can download the entire album for as little as $1.

Thanks to Apelad for the fantastic album cover art, Brandon for mixing and recording the vocals, Dave his awesome work on the Spider music video, and Crashfaster and Unwoman for their help and critique of the music throughout the process. You guys all rock! Thanks!! Also, don’t forget you can download, listen, examine, and remix all of the Nanoloop files for Beeps and Smudges for free here.

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  • D-Form

    Doc, this is the best I’ve heard from you. 100% Certified dope. Can’t wait for the album to drop.

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  • nickthedude

    nice work doc! I like the new flavor dude. Video looks and sounds great nice production.

  • DocPop

    Oh dude, thanks. That means a lot. Still bumping Up Or Down ALL THE TIME, so the compliment means a lot coming from you :)

  • Lily

    So awesome, love the beat!

  • Bartcusick

    AWESOME!!!! Great work!!!
    I love the Hayden cover.

  • DocPop

    Thanks so much. “Girl of My Dreams” is a classic! Hearing always takes me back to watching 120 Minutes in my teens.

    -Doctor Popular
    Game Designer/Genius

  • Zach McCowin

    I love it! It’s a great new sound I haven’t heard before as soon as I get a dollar consider it bought! What apps did you use anyhow? As a aspiring electronic producer/artist Id love to know!

  • DocPop

    Thanks Zach. All the apps are listed on

    Mostly I used Nanoloop for iPhone though.

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