MUNI makes Narnia poster cool

Have you seen the advertising for Disney’s new Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian? It’s hard to miss, especially in our neighborhood. Movie banners are everywhere, including on the sides of MUNI buses.

I love the unfortunate awesome placement of one of the buses yellow reflectors over Prince Caspian’s face. Imagine this evil eye blinking on and off at you as the bus makes a turn. Can you say Scott Summers? I would love to see how the Chronicles of Narnia would deal with “the mutant problem”.

  • Katy

    that is so awesome, Cyclops Caspian!

  • Erica

    Prince Caspian was created by man.
    He evolved.
    He rebelled.
    He has a plan.

  • Luke

    Linked on boing boing!

    i’d like to see how much your numbers jumped

  • doc

    Hey Luke, email sent.

    BTW, you can always check the statcounter at the bottom of the page to follow them. That’s my unique visits, not page views.

  • Steve

    Not a patch on the police recruitment poster

  • doc

    Thanks for that link Steve, that picture is hilarious.

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  • Ian

    This is just great. I bet the artist even knew it when he did it.

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  • terrytip

    Waring his 3D glases, Prince Caspian seemes right there in front of you…

  • SilentYume

    lol EPIC FAIL!!! That's wicked :)

  • I Think It's

    awesome!! i want to see it now :D

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