Playtesting a new game with label paper and a cheap deck of cards

Play testing ROM

I started working on a new card game on Thursday afternoon and had a playable prototype by the end of the day. The game is called ROM and it’s a fun twist on the classic Memory game, but with power ups and other strategies. I created the art in Hexels Pro, doing my normal trixel art thing, then printed arranged the art on a 3 by 3 grid and printed it onto a couple of sheets of label paper using a cheap color printer. Later, I dropped into a Fed Ex/Kinkos and hogged their paper trimmer to cut up my cards. Using a $2 deck of cards from Mission St, I began sticking my art on to the cards. It’s perfect for playtesting.

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My workflow for creating gifs with trixels in Hexels Pro

I’ve been a huge fan of Hexels and I just got word that they’ve finally released Hexels Pro 2 today! You can get it here. I’ve been using a beta version of Hexels 2 for the past year and I’m a huge fan, it’s totally changed the way I make art.

To celebrate their official launch, I thought I’d share a bit of my workflow for creating gifs with trixel art by showing how I made this “Support Garage” gif for WP Engine.

commissioned trixel art for WP Engine
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How I celebrated National Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Around 5pm on January 21st, I had a little meet-up in my studio to chat with some strangers about my tips and tricks for crowdfunding campaigns. Folks started arriving 1 at a time and it wasn’t until the 5th (and final person) arrived that anyone mentioned the fact that I was dressed head to toe in a squirrel outfit.

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The Complete List of iOS Glitch Video Apps

When I first created the complete list of iOS Glitch Photo Apps a few years back, the app store was much less crowded. I loved working with photos, but I was constantly on the hunt for good glitch video apps for my iPhone. I’m stoked to finally say there are enough great glitch video apps for me to compile them in a list. I’ll continue updating this list of video apps as well as my separate list of glitch photo apps as best I can. Leave any suggestions or reviews in the comments below.

glitch video apps

Hyperspektiv– This new video app is from the team behind Glitch Wizard and The Glitch Mob. It works like a kaleidoscope, while allowing the user to distort and tweak the video in realtime. The filters vary quite a bit, but the Nuero Mancer effect has a gnarly digital glitch look, while “Betamax” captures that old school analog feel. This app only works in live video mode.

Databender– I can’t lie, Databender is still one of my favorite apps on this list. Primarily because it uses more traditional databending techniques to create it’s effect (rather than applying a filter). The results are dropped key-frames and a very cool datamosh effect (like watching a youtube video crash). Since the video is actually getting corrupted though, this app is very unpredictable. Sometimes you’ll get great results, but find that you can’t upload them to certain sites (like IG or Twitter). If that happens, try importing it to iMovie (or some other photo editing app) then re-exporting them, that should help stabilize the effect or maybe even bring out more unexpected results. This app works with videos or photos saved on your device.

Glitche– Glitche is a pretty powerful glitch app that works with photos or video. The basic interface is to pick your filter, like “glitch” or “”, and move your finger across the screen or tilt your phone to control the effect. This app allows you to shoot video or photos, but the effect is applied after shooting. This app works with videos or photos saved on your device.

Glitch Wizard– This has always been one of my go-to apps for glitching videos or photos. This app allows you to take existing videos, photos, or even gifs and glitch them out frame by frame using a ton of variable effects. You can then save the finished animation as a GIF or video. Because of the way it compresses your video into individual frames, the final result probably won’t run at the same speed you started off with. It’s cool though. This app works with videos or photos saved on your device.

GlitchVideo– Another great glitch video app. This one allows you to take existing videos or live footage and apply effects on top of them in real time. There are 5 effects to choose from (wave, motion, trip, destruction, & split) and each one is variable. One of the nice touches is that when you take your finger off of a slider, the developer eases the effect out, so it looks smooth. In the app’s settings there are even options for recording resolution, how quickly an effect “decays” and even “sync with sound” (which only works when capturing live video). This app works with live video or video already saved on your device.

Moon Shadow– This trippy app applies layers of effects on top of your video. The way the layers are applied can switch up a bit, like some effects may only appear on certain colors or dark areas of the video, while others will warp your video in weird ways. There are also some effects that react to sounds as you are recording. This app works with live video or video already saved on your device.

Glitch Art VHS Photo– This app allows you to take videos off your phone and apply a set of filters to them. It’s a quick and dirty way to get a glitch effect. The app is little unstable and loaded with ads. I paid $1.99 for the “remove watermark” option, but it’s still there and “restoring purchases” does not seem to fix it for me. I also paid $3.99 for the “Buy Everything” option, which does still seem to work. It’s free, but if you buy anything, just be warned. This app works with videos or photos saved on your device.

I’ll be keeping this list updated as much as possible. If you have any glitch video apps (or photo apps) you think I missed on either of my lists, please leave them in the comments.

Faultline Liquor: special edition booze with matching vinyl

Faultine Gin and Absinthe

There’s something awesome at K&L Wines. It’s a special series of liquors and gins called “Faultline”. Each bottle comes with a special edition 7″ record and art by Jaime Hernandez, of Love And Rockets fame.

Faultine Gin and Absinthe
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