An industrial jam made with a circuit bent Casio SK-1

After a long break, I’ve started making some new songs to go in our upcoming iOS game, Sweet Ride (coming later this year). When creating new tracks, I often like to grab a circuit bent toy and improvise for ten minutes, then chop them all up into samples and re-arrange them as a song. Usually the songs are pretty chiptuney, but this one loop I made on my circuit bent Casio SK-1 really lent itself to something heavier.

I don’t know if this song will make it into the game, or if I’ll even flesh it out more, but it’s kind of neat.


WTF Houndstoof Glitch Shirt Underwater

A few days ago, a friend sent me this crazy video with a message that said “Dude, that’s one of your shirts… right?”. The video starts off with some guy in a scuba suit swimming in some icey ocean and playing what looks like a giant ukelele. Then it cuts to another guy wearing one of the Houndstoof Glitch shirts I designed for Betabrand while smiling and waving underwater.

I have no idea what’s happening, but it’s the best product placement I’ve ever seen!

I think the video is promoting a jazz festival in Norway, but if you’d like to pick up one of my glitch shirts, dresses, or sock sets, you can get them here.


Playing around with PixSort, a pixel drifting glitch plugin for After Effects

I recently came across an After Effects plugin named PixSort which creates a very cool and glitchy pixel drifting effect for videos and images. It was PC only at the time I found it, but I sent a quick tweet out to the plugin’s creator and he messaged me a day later saying he ported it. Whoa!

I’m still getting the hang of After Effects in general, but here’s my first experiment with PixelSort and one of my one tracks (which is a new song I wrote using my BitRanger synth).


What is “Pixel Sorting”?

Pixel Sorting is an algorithmic method of creating glitch art. The effect seems to grab pixel areas of a certain brightness or color, and drag them across the rest of the image. One of my favorite tools for creating pixel sorted glitch images is Pixel Drifter, which also allows you to export frames of the sorting as it happens, which makes for cool animations.


Should I get PixSort?

If you like glitch art and have After Effects, I’d highly recommend this effect. Not bad for just $15.

Freq.Fest.SF, the Bay Area’s largest chiptune festival

freq fest sf

This week is Freq.Fest.SF, a two day chiptune festival happening at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco. There’s gonna be a ton of great bands playing so I highly recommend getting your ass down there to dance around to some lo-fi electro.

I’ll be playing an all Game Boy set on Thursday night. I hope you dance!

Performing live on Thursday night:

Casio Dad
Curious Quail
Kevyn Gnartinez Band
Doctor Popular
Extent of the Jam
Space Town
Together We Are Robots

Performing live on Friday night:

E.N. Cowell
Here Between You Me
Paladin Shield
Slime Girls

Music Productivity Survey

I have a few tricks to help keep myself focused, but I always love hearing about other people’s work habits. I’m working on a new project and would really appreciate it if you could take a minute to help answer some of these questions about music and productivity.