How to make cultured butter at home… OMG it’s so easy.

Homemade cultured butter.

A few years back, I learned how to make my own homemade butter and I’ve been hooked ever since. The basic process involves pouring some whipping cream into a mason jar, adding salt to taste, and then shaking the hell out of it. Recently, I learned how to make cultured butter at home, which certainly bumps the whole homemade-butter-thing up a notch. And the extra steps aren’t that tedious. In fact they made shaking the butter even easier than usual.  Fresh made butter is the jam. The texture is amazing and it’s a lot of fun to experiment with by adding extra seasoning. This recipe will yield about a stick of cultured butter, which is like regular butter… but with more culture. Here’s what you’ll need: Continue reading →

A-Dore-able portraits from Dore Studio

Portrait at Dore Studio

Christine and I have been talking about getting our portraits taken at Dore Studio down on Mission and 21st St for quite a few years. Dore has a cute little store front filled with large quinceanera and glamour photos in the window and has been family owned since 1951. We used Christine’s 30th birthday as our big excuse to finally book a sitting.

Portrait at Dore Studio

The staff were super awesome and the entire shoot was a fun experience. We wanted to go for something between a couples shoot and a glamour photo, so Christine got the full hair and make up experience and borrowed a few of their minks and outfits. Unfortunately they didn’t offer any make-over stuff for men, but I had fun watching Christine get the full experience. We posed in front of 3 or 4 backdrops and then finally picked out our two favorite shots for the final results. We loved how they turned out and can’t wait to do this whole thing over again in 10 years or so.

Christine at Doré Studio

This actually wasn’t my first time in Dore Studios though. 9 years ago I brought some of my circuit bent Casios and handmade comics there for a religious themed photo shoot. I came back last year to shoot my God Hates Dinosaurs pitch video too. So Dore will always have a special place in my heart.


Akita, a Nanoloop song written with the kids at P.S. 153

Last week I was in NYC for WordCamp NYC. While I was in town, I dropped by the Helen Keller School (AKA P.S. 153 in the Bronx) to do a two hour set of workshops with a bunch of awesome kids. I showed them how to yo-yo and how I make beats on my Game Boy, then I gave a live Nanoloop demonstration where I got the kids to clap their hands and shout “Akita” (their school’s mascot) for me to play with. All the samples in the above song were created using samples from that class.

PS 153

If you have Nanoloop for mobile (ios/Android) installed on your mobile device and want to try remixing this song, shoot me an email and I’ll send you the .nan file. You might also check out P.S. 153’s fundraiser to bring robots to the school!

Why Twitter GIFs aren’t really Gifs

Screenshot 2015-10-25 20.32.44

It took Twitter 9 years to support GIFs. When they did, they really just took GIF files and converted them to video. Don’t get me started on why that’s a bad idea….

Everytime you share a GIF on Twitter, it shows up with a useless GIF watermark on the lower left hand corner. This always drove me nuts for two reasons:

*You don’t need an overlay telling you what the format of the media is that you are watching.
*It’s not a GIF, it’s an MP4 movie file.

If they had to write GIF in the corner, I thought it would be better to have it in quotes… so I made these to help convince Twitter to add quotation marks around their GIF watermark.



Pre-order The Order Of The Snail, my new comic about secret societies so

I had a great time working on this comic book as part of this year’s 24 Hour Comic Book Day challenge at Mission Comics in SF. This year’s 24HCBD happened just a few days after The Latitude shut it’s doors. The Latitude was a real life secret society/augmented reality game by the folks behind The Jejune Institute. It was really incredible and Christine and I were sad to see it go.

So I didn’t have anything planned when I started my comic, but that closure was on my mind.

The Order Of The Snail is the end result and I’m so proud of how it turned out. The book follows a kid named Mason Waters who has created his very own secret society. A society of one. One day Mason invites Tim, an estranged older friend, to join The Order. Things change quickly and soon Mason feels like an outsider in his own club.

If you like the art I make, I’d really appreciate it if you check the project out and consider pre-ordering a copy. Mike Hales is doing a killer job coloring the book and I’m so happy with how this whole thing is coming together. At the Membership level, I’m even making some really awesome challenge coins with my friend Meredith.

The Order Of The Snail