Introducing the Andorsand; the interobang for and/or statements

Andorsand (improved version)

Sometimes I’ll go through great lengths to avoid doing my actual tasks… A couple days ago, while I was supposed to be working on maps and music projects for our SquirrelWarz game, I became obsessed with this idea that the world needs a symbol for “and/or” statements. So I made a mock up and tweeted this post:

My original idea was to take the underscore that we’d find in mathematical statements such as (to represent “greater OR equal to”) and combine it with the classic ampersand. Most of the comments, which seemed to come from developers, suggested adding a “|” (also known as a pipe, I believe). Continue reading →

The City at Large: A Wheatpasted Photo Show in SF

Photo credit: Allison Ekevara Kitpowsong

We’ve taken over a parking lot and pasted our photos on the walls. The show is called The City At Large and looks quite brilliant really, and huge props to my buddy Troy for putting it together. Here’s how 7×7 described it:

Check out “City at Large” in downtown SF, featuring some imagery by some of the city’s finest photogs. Located in a parking lot (yes, a parking lot) on 2nd Street between Howard and Natoma, across from Aldoph Gasser Photo. (Open to the public during business hours.)

The show is up now right now, so if you are downtown, go check it out before the rain takes it down. We’ll be having our opening reception this Saturday from 2-5pm. More details (including all the street photographer’s names) are on the Facebook page.

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Ring Mountain is a blast

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

Posted these pics as part of my 3D City project, but I just wanted to mention how beautiful Ring Mountain is for hiking and whatnot. Apparently it’s great climbing too, but I didn’t bring my shoes with, so I’ll have to get back to you on that.

I shot these with my Nimslo and some of Lomography’s 100 ISO “Sunset XPro” film, which worked great, but I guess they don’t make it anymore. I bet their redscale film or 100 color negative would have been good too though.

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A Gifstamatic gallery


On Friday the fine folks at BoingBoing linked to an older post of mine on how to create “Gifstamatic” images on your iPhone with Giffer and Hipstamatic apps. I’ve been shooting tons of these throughout the years, so I thought it’d be a good time to share 10 of my favorites. (If you like these, you might also like my tutorial on creating glitched out GIFs using the awesome Decim8 app)

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6 months of 3D City

Note: I’ve been giving Ello a shot this week and posting articles like this… find me there if you are into that sort of thing.

This week my 3D City project turned 6… months old. 3D City is my year long photo project that mixes street photography with stereoscopic GIFs (aka wigglegrams). I’m still looking for ideas for what to do with the project once it’s completed, but I thought this would be a good time to pick 10 of my favorite shots so far. Enjoy!
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